Some cool music if you’re bored…

Here’s what I’ve been listening to…

The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel):

Shut up and Dance (Walk the Moon):

Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin):

Guns for Hands (21 Pilots):

Einmal um die Welt (Cro):

When I Get My Hands On You (New Basement Tapes):

New Soul (Yael Naim):


2 thoughts on “Some cool music if you’re bored…

  1. Not really my sort of music? Yet, I enjoy seeing what others like. The one I most enjoyed was, “When I get my hands on you”. Also the 21 Pilots number was an unusual video and melody. The other ones were okay, but for me an older person. Not standout. It’s not about me. Just enjoyed that you would put up the page. Cheers Jamie. … rock on!

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