Well, I would love to sit here and tell you all about what I have been through in life, but I’m not trying to write an autobiography here. Basically, I am a college student studying Politics in DC. I’m very young and impressionable on the topic so if you ever care to email me to compliment, lecture me, or even rant…send that to 71schmitt@cardinalmail.cua.edu. I’d love to hear from anyone. I have thoughts about everything that pop into my head whenever I seem not to want them to…and therefore…here I am…blogging. If this does not succeed, that’s okay. I’m more interested in having an interactive diary than becoming famous or something unrealistic like that. Tell me things you want me to write about and I’d be happy to write them. That is my sole purpose here on this Earth…to put whatever I (or anyone else for that matter) need to allow to take the form of words. I do very much love words. Ah well…enjoy if you dare. I love Doctor Who and Harry Potter (just throwing that out there), I am a huge fan of everything reading,and I find passion in weird places…

To introduce my “work” (if that’s even what you wanna call it) a bit…I have a few little weird things about myself. One of those things…that takes up a pretty significant portion of my time is what I like to call “wallflowering”. Anytime I am sitting around other souls…I enjoy wondering about them. Sometimes I inquire about their lives…but most of the time it’s almost more fun to sit back, let them live, and then just guess what their lives are made of. And so…I create these little snippets in my mind based off of a moment or trait I perceive to be a very strong indicator of their personality. And so…I decided I’d share those observational stories with you guys. 🙂 Kinda one-sided and kinda singly portraying my side of the story, but I figure it’s just for fun, eh?

Thanks, either way, for coming and giving me some of your time! You’re beautiful and deserve to be loved.

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  1. Thank you so much for following my blog “Holding the Ball” @ http://hirundine.com I’m curious as to whether you’ve lived in Washington D.C. for long? Or has your college career, been the only exposure?

    For I have a suggestion, for a post. Did you know about Pierre Charles L’enfant? He designed that city, D.C. I would be interested in your view, in the form of a blog post. Cheers Jamie

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