Somebody tell me what life is all about…

…and try to refrain from the happiness answer. I’m struggling trying to add meaning to my life…and I need something more substantial than “to be happy.”

Where do I go? What should I do? What am I doing wrong? How can I find my purpose and what exactly is the point of being on this earth?

I certainly know hardly anyone can answer this with certainty. Just…someone give me something to think about or do…

9 thoughts on “Somebody tell me what life is all about…

  1. As I see it, life is the opposite of chaos, entropy- wise. Life is creating order and works against entropy. That’s giving the living planet around us purpose, we humans are a part of it.

      • In a way. I think one purpose could be to fight chaos, nothingness, and understand oneself as guardian of life, the whole planet, maybe beyond. It depends on a person being religiou, philosophical, scientific, or all of it, how they do that. Works for me in the way that I try to live in the moment and make the best of it.

  2. Honestly, I find that the best way to live is to help the people around you. I’ve not lived a particularly wealthy life, been in love, (honestly never even had a girlfriend), or any of that other great stuff. But I help people where I can, and that in itself keeps me happy, gives me direction, and gives me hope.

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