Certain things

Certain things make me nostalgic without ever having known me before.

I know I’ve written about how nostalgia affects me already, but this new-ish experience kinda freaks me out.

In a summation, I’ve had “nostalgia attacks” where I am thrown into my past moments by a familiar scent, sight, or thought. These have started to make sense to me. I feel things very heavily and I yearn for the past. So naturally, when something reminds me of another moment I’ve already experienced and that I miss, my mind is violently transported from the present moment to one of my past. Almost to the point that I lose touch with where I currently am…my thoughts become a physical presence.

However, now I struggle with these “nostalgia attacks” that seemingly sprout from no where. I am drawn to another thought of another time or moment that I haven’t actually had.

For example, the other day I was on the Metro and I caught a whiff of some guy who walked by. My mind did its strange little thing…and my thoughts ran wild…but not in some expectant way. It was more like…I had an intimate remembrance of the scent. I remembered it from somewhere…but I am almost certain I’ve never smelled it before in my life.

Now…this could be labeled as deja vu, but it was more personal than that, I think. It was activating an actual memory that my brain thought I had, but there was no actual memory there.

Has anyone else experienced this? What do you think it means? Does it reflect some idea that we are connected with other’s in their memories? Could it be evidence of our “other life”? I’ve never really believed in those things…but what else could this mean? Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Certain things

  1. Our brain is a super computer stored with all kinds of information on our lives. Could be the smell that was something very familiar that crossed your nose 20 years ago for all you know. Instead of trying to figure it out which I think would drive most of us crazy, just savor the moment. Trust your brain knew what it was doing in that moment, that is the way I see it.

  2. Wonder whether it’s a distant memory of an element of a scent, a flower or a mixture of woody scents. Was almost haunted by the smell of Joop for Men for ages….

  3. Beautiful experience. I used to think that i should know the meaning of eveything. Everything that happened in my life. All the reasons, the buts and the whys . That drives me crazy. So i just let it all pass by, live my life , savor the moment and discover that eventhough i have a crazy mind and a crazier heart, im not alone, no different from anyone else and that makes me sane.

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