Tell me something about you…

So…I was intrigued the other day by another writer’s blog post compiled only of one sentence that turned the writing table on me. I’m interested in doing the same. I want to hear about you guys! Tell me something  random about you…or answer this: What is the driving force in your life and why?

Love you guys! I’m really interested in reading what you have to say!

9 thoughts on “Tell me something about you…

  1. A random fact about me; Whenever I finish a series on Netflix, I relive all of the episodes in my mind because I can’t believe I don’t have another episode to look forward to. Goofy, I know, haha.

  2. By the time I’ve finished a series in Netflix I don’t even remember it. I might be able to recall some of it, but that’s about it. A coworker will ask, “do you remember the part where blah blah blah?” “Nope.”

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