In Defense Of All Labeled Introverts Everywhere

There couldn’t be a more accurate description of my life. Awesome writing style too…<3

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I’m sitting in a moderately noisy bar with a group of friends, and there is just enough conversation going around the table. The topic of discussion is not one that interests me particularly so much that I’m willing to chip in, but as is often the case, I am content with listening. Before I’ve ordered my next drink, the conversation has fizzled out and pretty much everyone to my left and my right has turned to the person to their left or their right making small talk.

I’m hoping that no one turns to me because I know that the exercise is one that will push me over the edge of mental exhaustion. I’d much rather be in this private space I’ve managed to create; where I’m only a listener and an observer without the pressing need to participate. As the others around me continue to share…

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2 thoughts on “In Defense Of All Labeled Introverts Everywhere

  1. An interesting exercise is to use google, or similar. To look up the demographics of personality. There one will see how society is reflective of the dominant personality types. After all, if Myer-Briiggs personality type ISTJ has a demographic of 21.9% or ESTJ personality type has a demographic of 15.5%. It may be seen which are the dominant types. When 4 types represent around 60% of population. It leaves the other 12 types on the peripheral.

    The latest stats. actually show introverts as slightly less than half, of total population. Being an introvert, is good. For it makes one self reliant. Whereas extroverts have a hard time with being alone, to recharge their inner batteries.

    We are certain to have a world society that suits the majority. Cheers Jamie

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