“Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind.”

This quote sung by Twenty-One Pilots has been on my mind a lot recently. I want to know exactly what they mean by it.

First, I must request you listen to the song:

After you do that, please tell me what is meant by the quote!

I was thinking that it might refer to the idea that thoughts are dangerous. Sometimes, when thoughts get to a certain scary point, maybe the best way to deal with them is to completely reject their existence. Is this really a healthy way for people to deal with a negative mindset?

I suppose it is better to survive than to let your thoughts take you over to a place of desiring death….but is that really okay? To ignore what your mind is bringing to you? What do you all think?

5 thoughts on ““Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind.”

  1. Hey, I’ve always thought that it is telling you that antidepressants, pills that we generally see as ‘zombifying’, can sometimes be the best/only means of surviving.
    You’re living a drugged up existence, but hey at least you’re alive!
    TBH I don’t think that’s the songwriters meaning, but that’s what I took from it, as I would listen to this song whilst debating the pros and cons of taking medication. xxxxx

    • Hey! Thanks for the response! I didn’t even think of it that way. That’s brilliant. The world does seem to think of it that way, right? That people need anti-depressants and pills because their moods and feelings aren’t considered normal. What do you think? Is this the way depression should be handled? I have no idea! It’s an interesting conflict. Should we risk the person’s identity by putting them under a pill-induced trance, or is it more important to keep them alive and have them take mood altering pills?

      • I think it could mean that sometimes it’s okay to overthink a little bit but when the thoughts in your head begin to out weigh the feeling you have in your heart it can cause problems.. Don’t worry about what people think, be yourself, take risks, live my freely and don’t let yourself get trapped in your mind. Especially when it’s something you can’t change like the past and even the same with worrying about the future. You will drive yourself crazy. Know your self worth and keep trying to get better. Negative thoughts only hold you back from being happy.

      • I personally think the lyric means that your thoughts get in the way of you reaching your goal. They bet you down and tell you “your not good enough” or “you can never succeed”. Sometimes your thoughts persuade you to do physical harm, or even actually go as far as committing suicide and ending it all. But you have to push past those thoughts and keep going no mater how tough it may be. If you want to stay alive and keep running the race, you have to destroy all the negative things going on in your head.

  2. I feel that it means that sometimes to survive you have to ignore the negative things that your mind tells you that are holding you down.

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