The Importance of Language

Currently, I am studying the German language in Bavaria. As you should probably be able to tell if you are reading and understanding this post…I speak English (Ich komme aus die USA). If I have acquired anything by being here…it is the desire to learn more ways to communicate. Let me tell you…LANGUAGE IS THE KEY TO COEXISTENCE. Meaning: if you plan to be a citizen of the world…I suggest you learn to speak more than one. 

I came here knowing that most people would speak to me in English if I needed it. This is actually true. Mostly everyone uses English as a common ground language. If language barriers pop up…BAM…English. Don’t get me wrong…I sincerely think a basis language is a necessity. However…I’ve recently been hit by the desire-to-respect train. Being here has really opened my eyes to the importance to bringing your mind to a better understanding of communication and how it is similar and different to your own form. 

Think about it this way: Everything you do that forces you to communicate with another being requires communication in some way…mostly with words…sometimes with signals, symbols, or traditional gestures. Well…newsflash…it’s the same in every other culture in the world. They have a language that they use every day to accomplish nearly every task. This is obvious…but I don’t think it is appreciated as much as it should be. 

The people of Germany do not think in English…just as we do not think in German. Although I’m not suggesting everyone become a scholar of linguistics in every language…I’m imploring people to find a way to make communication more comfortable for themselves and the world. At least give it a try. 

We are all human beings…and the ability to communicate properly makes life more hands-on. It transforms a deserted path to a four lane highway. And sharing beauty is the best way to experience it. 

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