Beauty is not caused…it is.

I have no idea what I’m about to write about, and that is exciting business. I have to tell you…this whole experience is completely off the boat for me…so judge harshly and be a critic. I really just need to get some thoughts off. I want to reflect briefly on a quote I read the other day. “Beauty is not caused. It is.” There was no author tagged with that quote as I found it, but I’ve decided to run with it anyway. What a miraculous statement. I say that because the placement of the words hit every pleasure spot in my body (and I don’t even mean that ENTIRELY sexually). Simplicity nearly always gets the point across better than lots of lavish words. I have decided to reroute my entire perspective based off of this quote. I think all people should do less idealizing about things that already have their beauty. Let them exist…examine them…question them…even form an opinion and act on it…but never try too hard to transform a dead leaf into a flower. Find the beauty in every situation and thing and be someone who encourages it. That dead leaf has probably been through more than you in its limited time. Don’t become obsessive when you realize that nothing is your childhood glob of puddy. And you know what? This rambling has given me an idea. I think this will be a blog of people. Stories that don’t get told every day…and I think I’m going to start right now…if anyone has anything to share that they’d like me to narrate…as the always inspirational Lumier would say…please be my guest. Thank you.

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